Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrifty Thursday!

You see that boy in the picture?  He doesn't listen.  

It doesn't matter how many times I tell that boy to stop growing...he just won't listen!!

So last weekend, when I noticed that his toes were almost appearing through his gym shoes, I decided it was time to go shoe shopping.  The first place I stopped - Once Upon A Child.  I had little hope.  Because finding anything for boys - specifically shoes for an 8 yr almost non-existent.  I can find dainty little dresses for Moo girl all day long - but a decent shirt without a stain or rip in a size 8... that's always questionable.

I am so glad I went!

Someone else must have just outgrown their barely worn Air Jordans...because I hit the motherload!

 My boys favorite pair was the Nike black and yellow ones...they are a size too large.  But, fall will be here before you know it.  I got Moo girl a pair of black Air cute is that?  I got that boy 7 pairs of shoes, in a variety of sizes, Nike and Air Jordans.

After experiencing this happiness...I decided to press my luck in the boy clothes glad I did!

I want the I Rock t-shirt!

After going through the boys I decided Moo girl needed shorts.  Again, I pat myself on the was clearance day or something at Once Upon...because I did good!

This is a reminder of why I do resale! See that shirt?!  So glad I didn't pay full price.

UPDATE: Dream Catcher

Remember my hope for the dream catcher?  It was going to change lives...allow sleep in my household.  Yea, the only thing that 1/8 Cherokee Indian blood is doing in Moo girl, is giving her a FABULOUS tan!

I'd say she is in my bed 5 out of 7 nights, usually sneaks in anytime between midnight and 5am.  How do I say no to "mama...can I sleep with you" in her sweet squeaky voice?  I can't. I. just. can't.  So when she wandered into my room, to sleep with my new comfy blanket...I didn't think twice about it.

When I could no longer pretend to be asleep I couldn't help but stare at her sweet little face.  She is so peaceful to look at until she decides to talk.  Out of nowhere as I gaze mommaish at her little face she starts to whisper..."mama...COFFEE!!"  she then jabs out her hand grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls me to her.  Confused and took everything I had not to bust into hysterics.  I didn't want to wake her out of her slumber, Lord only knows what she would do to me then!

And this is why she doesn't do sleepovers.  
This deceiving.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Birthday Celebrations!

If you've been reading then you know my love of birthday parties!  I love celebrating my children, its just one of those things us moms like to do.

Well, those birthday party's also add up.  Not just monetarily, but also in toy clutter.  My children have been blessed with a mom who loves toys almost as much as they we have plenty of them, not just at birthday times, but at all times.

So this year, I simplified things a little bit.  It was still a crazy birthday season, with family and some close friends coming over on a Saturday to celebrate both kids birthday,

but then we also celebrated them on the individual dates too.

Thankfully we have Haunted Trails less than 10 minutes from my house.  No need for a big backyard blowout, when we can have good buddies and laser tag for four hours!   

Now onto my Maddie Moo Girls birthday...

By her day, I was kinda done with cake, and toys.  So we did something a little different.  I'm very lucky that I have a wonderful sister who is also the owner and operator of my daughters Montessori school.  So on Maddies birthday she got to go to summer camp and spend the day with her friends.

I know, I know...what a birthday party...she got to spend it in school!  But really she had a blast.  This way she got to see all of her friends, pass out those delicious marshmallow pops...and again, I had no clean up - and no added toys!  I think that was the best part for me.

But don't you worry about Moo girl...she still got plenty of toys from mom and dad!

She recently has a new obsession...My Little Pony.  She decided she wanted a My Little Pony Birthday while she was at school...guess where I went?  

Yep, I went thrifting.  Because, any good thrift store - will always have a bag of My Little Pony's.  

 And even though I was all caked out...I did make some awesome cupcakes!


Easy Peasy

I would like to thank Pinterest for this Easy Peasy Summertime treat.  I have two birthday children in June, and I was getting really tired of cake, so I wanted something simple...and this was it!  We made these delicious marshmallow treats for moo girls summer camp class.

Get yourself some marshmallows...any size will do - but the Jumbo ones are really fun!  

Melt some chocolate, and dip those babies in it!  

Then have the kids decorate with sprinkles...SO MUCH FUN!  So much mess too - but completely worth it!  

At the time all I had was straws for sticks...and it worked.   

Kid approved!!!

For my next batch I made smores - I liked these the best!  Make sure you wait for the chocolate to harden.  I liked them better the next day after the marshmallow toughened up a bit.