Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here the deal...

it's summer.  Hot, and 100 degrees with two kids and a hubby that sleeps during the I am always trying to figure out something to do...either very quietly in my home, or outside.  So I have had very little time to work on the blog.

Plus...we are hoping to move, and I have been told I am not allowed to purchase another item for this house.  Hehehe....I find it cute that my hubby thinks using the word "allowed" works for me.  Normally that word would make me go on a shopping frenzy...but I have to admit...he's right.  I came to this conclusion yesterday as I was cleaning my home for a showing.  I realized...I have too much shit.  I have a happy home overfilled with toys.  Toys in the living room, dining room, kids room, my room, attic and basement...and the yard too.

I have a sentimental attachment to every piece of paper my children have drawn on...I need to get cold-hearted.  I need to throw some things away.  I need to give some things away, and I need to resale some stuff pronto!

So bare with me as a purge my house, and I will post about that...but on a day that is not beautiful and I'm enjoying my kids for what could be my last stay at home mom summer.

I was trying to make this blog strictly thrifting...but I may branch out a bit with things that we are doing as a family...we'll see, maybe if I'm not exhausted from doing things as a family I'll post about it.

Don't worry...Kids Closet consignment sale is around the corner...and I have many of things to sell, I'm sure that will be an adventure in itself.  I've already gathered 2 boxes of books that I will be selling....and I'm still left with a small library...sigh...this is gonna take some time!

Until then....we will be enjoying our summer!  Hope you are too!

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