psst...what did you find?

You know what I almost love more than finding a Le Creuset pot for $4.99?  Finding out what you found!  So please share...I'm thinking a weekly post should you can photo your weekend finds..........and post them on hump day...a little giddiness during the week will help sustain us till the weekend again!

Every Wednesday will be...
I'll show you mine, If you show me yours!

sidenote: if you are having problems loading pics into the comment section, please email them to me and I will post them.

Great find me2!  Lovin' the rainboots!  Which is a reminder that spring is just around the corner and I need to go get some for my kids.  I actually need two pairs for Moo...she needs one to keep at school, and one for home.


Thanks @QueenBKati for the tweet pic!! Super Cute Apron/Oven  Mit Combo...
Campbell Soup Print

Here are some of my finds this past week...

My son got some new shirts for summer, each shirt less than a $1 a piece!  How great is that!  So happy I found a Lands End tie-die t-shirt.

This is a Miss Me girls...size M.  I went to Miss Me girls website...a T-shirt on that site costs $50.  I was shocked to find this dress.

 I'm going to blog about this dress.  It is so delicate and pretty.  The brand is lola...which I've never heard before.  I debated about buying it...but the quality and detail of it won me over! 

Another blog post waiting to be written...My American Girl collection...from thrift stores and garage sales

 and you know how I feel about Jacadi (18months)
Can't forget about the little boys in your life! 2 very cute ties!

The adult white Banana Republic shirts size M, and my cream colored IPSA Skirt 

Love that it is crochet!  Will need top underneath...or maybe not if your daring.

Love the delicate embroidery 

I love the crochet trim


ME2 said...

I found girl shoes new in box each retailing for $60 plus for $8-$12 at Goodwill 2 weeks ago.I'm not sure how to upload a picture-I'll try to email it.

Finders Keepers said...

I've been using picasa for my pics to upload...try that! Can't wait to see them

Finders Keepers said...
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