Sunday, April 29, 2012

dehoardifying part 3: I did it for the mug

Well, sorta.  Actually no.  I didn't even know I was going to get a coffee mug!  I guess if you volunteered for two shifts, you got a free coffee mug, how nice is that!  This will be put to lots of use, thank you very much Kids Closet!

I actually did it to dehoardify.  I dropped off 10 boxes, and got back only 4, so I did just that!  I was pleasantly surprised with the amount I made this spring, the most ever!  So again, thank you very much!

I got the opportunity to volunteer on the last day, when people were picking up, so glad I did.  First, because I forgot I got a $10 coupon for that day, so big shout out to Michelle for reminding me.  I didn't think I'd find much on the last day, but pleasantly surprised I found a gymnastics T-shirt!  I love my graphic tees!  Also got a couple of other shirts, leotard, and 2 dresses.  Very happy.

I'm doing this backwards, but its late...and I'm scattered brain...So, in the beginning...I volunteered during the pre-sale, this way I got first look at the items.  I do pay full price, but its worth it especially for the hard to find boy size 8.  I found five pairs of shorts, and a shirt.  Thank goodness!  Because that boy of mine, has no idea when shorts are too small on him...and nothing makes me cringe more than when he sneaks outside in a pair of shorts that hug his butt way too much.  So thank you lady who brought the size 8 shorts, you have saved me a lot of embarrassment (just me, cause my son could care less)!

Now onto the toys!

 I questioned both of these purchases.  $6 for wedgits, which I hemmed, and hawed about thinking they were too young for Moo girl.  So glad I bought them - she's been playing with them ever since!  The $4 bag of legos.  The legos I struggled with...picked up, put down, then said screw it, its only $4 and bought them.  So glad I did!  The treasures that we found in that bag!

On the second day I volunteered again, this time...I went to the vendors.  So happy I did!  I hate paying shipping when all I want is a $5 item from Pampered Chef.  I've been dying for these bamboo toaster tongs FOREVER!  The dog ate them awhile back, and I've been mourning their loss ever since.  Kids used them, I used them...ugh.  Damn Dog.  Well, guess who had them in stock?!  My new favorite Pampered Chef Lady.  They also have the best paring knives ever!

Talked to some very nice ladies, and also got a sample of a candle.  Excited about the candle, and as soon as I try it out I will let you know all about it.  Its for my crafting projects...if you go back to The Good The Bad and The Ugly post, it will show you how I use my candles for crafting, but I can only use soy because of the soot. This candle may work instead...I'll let  you know.

Overall I'm a happy camper.  I think most people were very happy.  I talked to some new consignors, and you have to remember its a learning experience.  Pricing things fairly for both the shopper, and yourself is  always difficult.  I know I gave some stuff away, that I could have made a couple of more dollars on...but at least its out of my house.  I also know that I forgot at least two items - but you know what, they got donated to a good cause at the end of the day.  So its all good.

I'm already looking forward to getting rid of all my fall stuff since my Moo girl has finally out grown her three's!  I will have another 10 boxes I'm sure!

Creepy Doll Saga...

I was nervous about putting Moo girl in the van, not because of boxes crashing all around her if I came to a sudden stop, but more because she would see that I have boxes of her stuff, and her vanity going to the consignment sale.  I got a little nervous when she said "mom, is that my baby's beauty desk?"   I sweetly say, "Why yes, it is my love!  We are going to go ahead and sell it, because mommy has a really nice vanity for you when we move and you get your own room".  This seems to hush her.  So I'm good.  Then after a bit of a pause..."mom, you know the two dolls in my room?  You can get rid of those too."  I don't know how to respond.  I LOVE those creepy nightmare dolls! She proceeds with saying "They kind of scare me at night, they look real.  But before you give them away, make sure you get my clothes back"

How can these two lovelies scare you?  How can these give her nightmares?  Yea, I know.  Very easily they are creepy as all hell.  Especially that gleaming green eyed one.  What was I smoking when I got these?

The thing is, I'm not getting rid of them.  They are to stay in our family and send chills down the spine of future generations.  Every household needs a crazy artifact...and these two are ours.  I know the grandkids will be disappointed when they survive childhood with them only to find out they aint' gettin' nothing for them on Antiques Roadshow, and they will be paying for therapy with their own money.

So, I shuffle them off to my room, hearing Moo girl say "good, maybe now I can sleep at night".

I prop them up in the corner, then quickly realize the closet would be better.

They scare me more in the closet, so off to the basement they go!  They can play among their friends, and be happy, creepy dolls.

Look!  Green eyes can finally sleep.  This may make her less incline to creep into my room tonight.  But, I'm a little nervous about Blondie.  She's got to be tired too.  It has been 2 years of standing.  So, Moo Girl found her a rocking chair, and a baby to hold, so she can be warm.  And tomorrow, we will have to make her a bed that fits her, by request of Moo.  She's such a good dolly momma.  But then again, she may just be nervous too.  We must keep the dolls happy!

So we find Blondie a wig, and then a hat...ummm...Blondie does not look amused.  Think I'll go make sure she has her favorite pink hat on before I turn out my lights.

Sweet Dreams Everyone!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To buy or not to buy

that is ALWAYS the question!  With Kids Closet sale tomorrow, I have had this on my mind...a lot!

According to Facebook there will be a lot of new shoppers to Kids Closet.  Congrats to you!  Once you cosign, you always cosign!  You start to look at  kids clothes shopping in a whole new way.

Lets start with what consignment is moms helping moms.  That is one of the main reasons why I keep going back to consignments shops and the bi-yearly consignment sales.  My money goes directly into other moms pockets.  Plus its a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle. Its the feel good event of the spring!

What consignment it isn't...a garage sale.  Consignment is one stop bargain shopping at its finest.  You don't have to go to 5 different bad garage sales to finally luck upon one good one.  So remember that when shopping.  Some things may be priced higher than what you expect, but remember what the sellers do...we wash, inventory, tag, get stuck by stray safety pins and bleed.  Consignment sales are clean, organized, clothes are majority stain free, and the toys work.  That doesn't always happen at your garage sales or thrift stores.  A mom makes a few bucks, and a mom saves a lot of bucks!  Its a win-win my friends.

Notice how I said majority stain free.  I'm sure you did.  Sellers aren't perfect.  We try, we do. But sometimes we just wash, look quickly,  tag, and be done.  And a stain, or tear may slip through our hands.  So here are some tips to catch our mistakes...

Stains:  Mesmerized by the cuteness of the front of the dress aren't you? The beautiful embroidery that is just screaming your little girls name.  Don't forget to look at the back!  Never know if that previous lil' owner sat in cherry pie.  A seller would never purposely sell you a dress like that, but, pie happens.  With dresses, look at the hem line, make sure no dirt stains or ripped seams on the bottom.  The dress may not be perfect, close enough is good, you just don't want half a hem undone.

Swimsuits:  People always question swimsuits at resale.  How many swimsuits have you bought your kid they wore once, and they tugged at it the entire time? or just didn't like it and wouldn't wear it?  Just because your kid didn't like it, or it didn't fit your kids body type, doesn't mean it won't fit someone else.  You can't return it, so you resell it.  Its fine.  No one is going to catch cooties.  What do kids do in swimsuits?  They swim in bleach water.  What do you do when rinse it out.  No cooties my friends.  Its fine.  BUT you do need to be careful of two main things.  Chlorine wear.  Check the elastic bands.  Give a gentle tug on a waist band, or leg hole to make sure the elastic doesn't break apart.  I have fallen victim to a perfectly good looking swimsuit with bad elastic.  Always check.  Also the top may be perfect, but look at the bottoms.  One too many sits on the concrete makes a swimsuit look bad...don't get mesmerized by the cute ruffles...always check the butt!

Shoes:  Shoes are expensive.  I also like my daughter to have a pair for every day of the month.  This is another one of the many reasons I love consignment.  Dress shoes are a great buy at consignment.  Kids outgrow those before they can even wear them twice.  Boy shoes are tricky.  My boy wears one pair of gym shoes.  That's it.  He does not like variety.  When looking at shoes check the bottoms and the toe heel.  They don't need to be perfect, but you don't want them worn out.

Tears/Holes:  Some jeans have holes because that is the style that was bought, some have holes because your kid ripped the butt.  Check for wear in the inner thighs, hem line and around pockets.  Also check for pilling under the arm holes, and inner thighs of pants/shorts

Brand Names:  If you've been reading my blog, you know I can be a brand snob. But for good reason.  Quality counts.  BUT...I like me a really cute Faded Glory July 4th dress too.  So, yes, make sure the quality is there...but sometimes, cuteness wins over.  For these prices, cuteness can win.

Sizing:  Sorry, not a lot of help here.  My daughter doesn't grow and my son is the same size as his age.  So I buy accordingly.'s a little help.  When my son was 1 year, he wore 24 months.  When he was 24 months he wore 24 months.  Get that?  Kids grow wide then tall.  I find this to be especially true during the toddler years.  I wish I could be more helpful, but my kids are older, and everything I once knew about sizing during the toddler years, has been thrown away.  One more good thing about buying resale...the clothes are pre-shrunk.

Toys:  Batteries should be in all toys, so make sure you press a few buttons to make sure it works properly.  Board games are a great buy at consignment.  Those things can get pretty pricey in a store.  Kids outgrow and get tired of games quickly.  Someones loss is your gain!

Books:  Used books are great.  You can find books that are brand spanking new for cheap!  Or gently used ones that still are perfect for your kids.  I have some favorite toddler board books, so thankful I didn't have to pay full price for so my kids can have their very own personal library.  Honestly, we have too many.

Consider the Children!:  When dressing baby/toddlers, its all about what you prefer.  Then they reach an age...where its about them.  I'm at that stage now.  So things are getting tricky at my household.  My daughter has yet to find a pattern that doesn't match.  My son a long-sleeve shirt that he wants to wear.  So, for you that are shopping for older kids, keep that in consideration.  You may still love your girl in baby doll dresses - she may not.  You may think Batman is still cool...your son...not so much.

Buyer etiquette:  I am not miss manners.  But I've been to enough of these to know some basics.

  • Please don't rip open bags or boxes.  If you have a question about an item in a bag or box, go to the front desk, or ask a volunteer to help.  At a Kids Closet sale they allow you to open a bag at the front desk while someone is with you to make sure everything is in there, and works.
  • Don't take 2 piece outfits apart.  Once, I had a boys dress suit I was selling, somehow it got separated...pants gone.  That was a bummer.
  • When shopping, people tend to grab and hold on to something for dear life, than after 2 hours realize, nope don't want it.  Did you ever really plan on buying it in the first place?  Its ok to hold onto things, and to change your mind.  Its all good.  Just remember that all the time a shirt you never really wanted was in your bag, it didn't sell to someone else.  If your a buyer & a seller, you understand what I'm talking about.
  • Listen & Talk.  I'm friendly.  The good thing about that, if I'm looking through shoes and I hear you saying your looking for a size 8 gym shoe, guess what?  If I find it, I'll say "hey...look what I found" so instead of one pair of have two pairs of eyes looking for you.  

Consignment shopping is one of those mom things, that not everyone gets.  Not everyone understands that this stuff is fun.  We get together, shop cheaply, ooh and ahh at each others finds, and have a good laugh.  Then, we never have to see each other again, but it was good while it lasted.  So tomorrow, everyone have a great time!  Find some good deals, enjoy your shopping time, and hope to see you there!

From this to this....

And 5 boxes, shopping bag filled with shoes, and I haven't even got to finishing the toys!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

dehoardifying part 2: Don't Judge Me!

I was so gung-ho last time I blogged.  Kids Closet Connection Here I Come!!  I was all about getting it done.  I did.  The clothes, mostly.  Found my new method didn't work as smoothly as I liked.  So re-vamped it a bit realized, I need to tag as I go.  If not, I end up with a lot of clothes out of order.

Then procrastination crept in.  I blame the toys.  We have lots and lots of toys.  I knew it was going to overwhelm me, and confuse the kids.  Before you judge me, and you will, you have to understand my kids PLAY with their toys.  Not a little bit, A LOT!  My kids have yet to meet a toy they won't play with.  I know what your thinking, get rid of them while there at school.  That would be the logical approach.  Not happening here.  My kids know.  They have a sixth sense that is so keen that even when I think of going into the basement to purge, they come up to me and ask "whatcya thinking?".  They know every damn happy meal action figure they ever got.  My children form attachments to these items.  They know when they "accidentally" go missing.  My children can name the age they were when they got a certain doll or matchbox car.  It's that scary.

Then you break, throw it out.  Not in this household.  Not when Dad can fix ANYTHING.  Something breaks, "oh dad can fix it".  And he will.  Doesn't matter, if plastic or metal, my man has the glue or the ingenuity to get it fixed.

So I got brave yesterday, went to the orphanage corner of the basement.  This is what I collected.
Not too bad right?  12 dolls.  Then I went upstairs...I had to get a picture of these three dolls.  They stand in the corner of the kids room.

I think I figured out why Moo girl has an issue with sleep...

When I first brought them home, they were taller than my Moo girl! I had high expectations for these dolls.  I was going to re-thread their hair.  Yep, in my insanity of sleep deprivation, I believed I was going to re-wig these two dolls.  As you can see, that never really worked out.  But now two years later Moo is a little taller than the blonde, she shares clothes with them and nothing that a hat and feather boa can't fix.

So back to the basement that I thought I was conquering.  I asked Moo to pick out the dolls she would like to keep.  We went from fifteen to seven (the bedroom dolls we keep).  I was happy.  I even set them up for her in her doll bunk beds.  THRILLED that she could so easily say good-bye.  Feeling accomplished, I merrily went on with my night.

So today, I went deeper into the basement.  To the boxes I packed last summer, thinking we were going to move.  Since that didn't happen, its time to unpack and discard.

OH DEAR LORD! I have 4 bags of stuffed animals.  3 boxes of dress up (can't wait for the fall Kids Closet sale! I have enough Halloween costumes for a classroom).  And WAY too many boxes labeled "toys".  So I go and get more coffee.

My children with their psychic ability come downstairs and join me in finding their long lost toys that they have been looking for  I start feeling good, even with Moo girl sneaking stuffed animals upstairs as I organize.  My son, keeping an eye out for those missing happy meal toys...overall its working.  Things are being let go...

then, in the midst of unpacking random toy boxes...I find these...

Seven additional dolls.  I laughed thinking, damn, Maddie has a lot of dolls.  And I moved on.  

Then I found these... 

I cringed.

Then I found this one...

I whimpered.  Glad that it was done.  

But it wasn't...

I will never buy another doll.  I will scold those who buy my girl another doll.  Really?! 26 dolls!!  The only saving grace in that Moo girl played with them.  These dolls were all very much loved and appreciated.  They had beds, high chairs, and blankets.  They were fed, diapered and when friends were over, everyone had a couple kids.  It worked.  

But not now.  Now, we say adios to the dolls...

but him I'll keep.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

Last night me and hubby were driving down a street when I saw a new thrift store.  I was so excited...couldn't wait to check it out today.  It wasn't really a thrift store.  It was more of a resale, vintage, retro, whatever I can call it to make it cost more kind of place.  Its the thrift store that people go to because they don't want to go to the poor peoples one down the street.  So they go there to spend 3x as much for an item so they don't have to rub elbows with the rest of us.

Do I sound hostile?  That's because I am.  I walked in because I saw this pretty pink velvet Bombay chaise lounge chair.

So cute!  I was contemplating getting it...$140.  Little steeper than I wanted to go.  But it was THAT CUTE!   So I walked and thought...

They did have some very nice furniture, some fairly priced, some overpriced.  Nothing I would consider a screaming deal.  I did find a really funny cat saying, that I wasn't going to spend $10 on...but it was worth a picture.  Overall the store was clean, neat and decorated nicely to sell things.  I'll go back in the future.

But my mind kept going  back to that pink velvet chair sitting so daintily in the I go back to it.  I over hear this loud women, you really couldn't NOT hear her, saying " I can picture myself with TWINS sitting on that chair!"  "I'm just NOT SURE" walking around making a HUGE production of her wishy washiness.  So I chirp in and ask something...this witch interrupts and says "I'LL TAKE IT!  I'M GOING TO LOOK AROUND, I'LL PAY LATER" and walks off.

WTF just happened?  She didn't want the chair until I opened my mouth.  So after a few minutes of her browsing...I told them if she doesn't buy it, I'm interested.  Of course she forgot her wallet in her HUMMER.  Fits her personality.  Then she struts back in barking about how she has a store too.  I walked out.

Annoyed.  Very annoyed.  I get the finders keepers, thing...really!  She was just so rude about it.  She made a big show about being iffy, but the moment someone else showed interest, she waved her arms and announced it was hers.  UGH!

So I went to the poor mans thrift store and guess I what I found?

My next craft project!  Very excited, and only $10.  So, I think I'll be ok without spending the $140, I know my hubby will be happy too.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet Sleep

This is my Maddie Moo girl.

Since birth Moo girl has not slept.  And before you roll your eyes at me, I did it all.  I know, you still rolled your eyes at me.  Its ok.  I roll my eyes at moms who claim their kids don't sleep too. Because they never endured Maddie Moo and her amazing sleeping habits.

When she was a newborn, I did the unthinkable...I co-slept.  Did so for over 6 months.  For those who don't know my girl, she is a tiny little thing.  I didn't even realize she was 6 months, because her size said 3 months.  So I rushed to put her in a crib.  That was my first mistake.

My children share a room.  During the "she must sleep in her crib phase", my son shared a room with me.  I needed advice, stat!  I started taking all sleep advice, and quickly learned these wonderful tidbits:
  • Keep a routine, go with baby's natural sleep schedule
  • Limit her naps, two, make that one nap  
  • Use music, don't use music
  • Toys, no toys in crib
  • Pacifier, no pacifier 
  • Don't rock her to sleep, rock her to sleep
  • Put her to bed before she falls asleep
  • Nightlight, no nightlight
  • Feed her, don't feed her
  • Change her, don't change her diaper (because really, who doesn't like to sleep in crap?).  
  • And my least favorite...let her cry it out 
And if none of that is working...your doing it WRONG!  I'm not saying all of this advice was useless...Matthew is an awesome sleeper, even through the sleepless Maddie months.  So, I must have did something right at some point.  Just none of it helped my Moo girl.

After my last and biggest failure of crying it out...Matthew got his room back, and Maddie slept where she slept best, on my chest.  Thats what worked for us.  Then she eventually got heavy, and really did need to sleep in her room.  It worked for awhile.  Then night terrors happened.  It was awful.   She would remember nothing, but I would.  My son, well, he learned to be a deep sleeper.  I thank Maddie for that.

When she moved into her toddler bed, funny thing happened.  She figured out she could easily walk into my room wake me up and I would walk her back to bed.  I put a dog gate up so she wouldn't escape.  She may be small, but she is agile.  The dog gate soon became a safety hazard.  So instead of taking a walk at 3am on a nightly basis, I put a step stool next to my bed and learned how to sleep with one arm hanging off my bed so that she could climb in herself without me having to get up.  I sense the eye roll...but I also hear the "shit!  I wish I would have thought of that".  Its all good my friends, we all have different ways of parenting.

Then the night terrors came back...with vengeance.  No longer was it a  quick scream and back to sleep. Now it was a blood curdling scream, along with a punch to my face.  Yes, my Moo girl got physical.  I asked for lots of advice, most of it sucked.  Got a lot of eye rolls about doing it wrong, and I'm letting her rule the household.  Truth was, I wasn't.  At first I thought maybe she was faking it.  I would get double punches to the face, and a swift kick to the gut from her as she would scream "MOM!", roll over and go back to bed.  It was horrifying to me.  Funny, but horrifying at the same time.  I tried to wake her up once, and I couldn't.  She was sound a sleep.  When she did wake up in the morning, she had no memory of the events.

My neighbor suggested a natural remedy, Calms Forte for kids.  Ever hear of it?  Doesn't work.  I tried.  But its a good placebo.  When she is all wired before bed, and her mind will not calm down, she takes two.  If she believes it will work, then it will.  Its because she asks me for two more after an hour, I know it doesn't.  But we still keep trying.  I get desperate.  And before you get all excited and think "she needs to try sleepy time tea!"  been there done that.  Worked like a charm for my son, Maddie is immune to all sleep agents.

Things do calm down around here, she goes through spurts of sleeping soundly through the night.  With maybe only one 5 am wake up a week where she sneaks in with me.  I don't mind so much anymore, she has gotten so good at it, that I wake up roll over and "surprise" shes sleeping next to me.

Night terrors are gone.  Now she has nightmares.  Last week, she says to me "I need a dream catcher, that would help me sleep".  It was a random sentence on a random day.  I said "ok".  Not thinking much about it.   This past Friday I went to Goodwill.  Not really looking for anything, got a couple of kid books, then laying on top of some coffee mugs, I see it.  Really?  Could it be?  A dream catcher!  .99 cents.  I'm spending five bucks on placebo medication for my kid, I can spare a dollar for a dream catcher.  I have a little native american in me...this may work.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

For the love of t-shirts

I have a thing for quirky t-shirts.  It started with this one...

It was my brothers.  I confiscated it before he went into the army when I was in 8th grade.  Not sure how I've held onto it this long...but I have.  I've never worn it.  I think it started out with sentimental value, and now its one of my t-shirt obessions. I keep waiting to wear it...maybe this summer I will.

Then on one of my many visits to the thrift store...I found this one...
 As a kid I loved "LOVE IS" use to cut them out of the paper, and collect them.  It was such a big deal when I was little.  Not sure if they even make the cartoon anymore.  This shirt reminds me of being a kid, and I feel like one when I'm wearing it.

My kids are not immune to my obsession.

But I am picky about their t-shirts.  I'm not a fan of the "I am better than You" sayings.  I like quirky, not "you suck, eat my dust shirts".  We've all seen them.  Sometimes they give you a giggle, sometimes it brings out your competitive nature.  But overall, if I don't want my kid saying it, I don't want him wearing it.

Don't like the "girls rule, boys drool" concept either.  I'm more of a "Girl Power" with sequins kinda t-shirt buyer for my daughter.

My moms name is how could I resist a "fruit juice stand shirt"?

Now onto the main reason I'm typing up this blog post...

I found it a week or so ago - so giddy when I picked it up...waiting for the perfect day for her to wear it...and yesterday was it.  DJ DANCE PARTY!!  I love that she is channeling her inner Pat Benatar!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

dehoardify...part 1

dehoardify: the act of getting rid of stuff before you become the house with the petrified cat in the basement and you don't even own a cat.

Me and my sister one night decided to watch Hoarders for the first time.  We were giddy with anticipation, expecting a good laugh over a bucket of popcorn.  That didn't happen. It actually made us sad.  The episode we watched, the state took the family's kids.  In order to get them back, she had to dehoardify her house.  Any sane person would have thrown away the used 7-11 cup laying on the garbage heap, along with everything else, just to get their kids backs.  But this woman wasn't sane.

So, before the insanity creeps into my house...with the help of kids closet...I am dehoardifying.

This Spring I'm using Kids Closet to do the job that must be done.  Kids Closet is a traveling consignment store.  You pay $12.50 for a consignment fee, then the split is 70% you, 30% them.  They also do promotions to help you reduce your consignment fee.

The object is to gather all your unused kid items, tag and sell.  To do this, you should have some kind of strategy.  I don't have it down too perfection yet, but I'm trying.  I started early this year with organizing my items.  You need to freshly launder your clothes.  I know,  they've been sitting in a box all winter, why would you need to wash them?  For that exact reason...they need a fresh smell.  They sell better that way, plus it gives you a chance to review the items for stains and tears.  Once washed I neatly fold and bring upstairs and I start typing.  Kids closet has a software program that you use on their website.  You type in your item with description.  This is nice because you can stop at any point, save and continue on with your day.  Then come back at another time when the kids aren't screaming, or need to be picked up from school.  Also during the sale, you can monitor your inventory and see what is selling, and what isn't.

Pricing.  I know you LOVED that dress on your little girl, it brought out the blue in her eyes, but guess what, I don't care.  I have no emotional attachment to that dress.  Don't care if it is Gymboree, its not worth $15 resale.  I will wait for half price day.  So, instead of waiting for that dress to sell, go ahead and list it for $8-$10.  With that price point you will more likely get a buyer on the first day.  Last day is half price day, and  you want your items to sell before then.  Remember, you want this stuff out of your house, and make a little cash on the side.  Don't get greedy.  But don't give it away either.  Again, you want to make a little cash on the side.  If your not sure what its worth, look it up.  That's one of the nice things about doing your inventory on the computer.  You can open up a tab and see what Old Navy cotton shorts are worth these days.  Not much.  They have sales all the time.  You can price $5 but they will not sell until half price day.  So you might as well price them at $2-3 so that they sell on the first day.  If you have a hard to find item, like slim or husky, you can price a little more, because those are difficult items to find.  If you have the matching bloomers for that dress...put it with them!  Personally, I'm more likely to buy the dress with the bloomers and pay a little more, than the dress without.  Shirt/short combos are also a good sell.  It makes consignment shopping easy.  Don't have to bother with trying to find matching items.  But don't despair if you don't have a "set", I find myself looking for singles because of my daughters sizing.  She's a 4/5 top, but she can only wear a size 3/4 shorts.  Thats the great thing about shopping consignment...anything goes!

Brands.  Everyone knows Gymboree, TCPlace, and Gap.  So they are easier to price...but the other high quality brands like Speechless, Vigoss and Mini Boden can be difficult because not everyone knows those brands.  With those brands, you have to let the quality of the item speak for itself.  So while you are shopping, you may see something marked high, look at the may be worth that little extra.  Everyone also knows Target and Walmart brand clothes too...remember what you paid for that cute little Circo t-shirt?  $5?  You're not going to make your money back.  So price accordingly, you will easily sell it, and still make money.

Once I've typed in all my items, I carry them down into the dungeon of my home, and they sit until I get enough courage to print my tags. To my surprise I had 344 items.  Let me rephrase that.  344 ITEMS!  Think about that...even if I only get a $1. for each item, thats $344 dollars I didn't have before.  That's just my first batch of items, I still have kid toys to tag!

Once I hit publish on this blog, I will go downstairs and conquer tagging.  I do this by getting out the whiskey, hangers, and safety pins.  I'll have the iron ready if something needs a quick smooth over.  Once I get a group done, I will put them in a box, according to gender and size and be done.  Did I say whiskey?  I meant coffee.  Irish Coffee.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Thrifting is the adult version of hide and seek.

Remember as a kid, or even just yesterday when you were playing with your kids...just how fun it is?  Creeping around the house looking for that certain person...then Gotchya!  Sometimes they hide well, sometimes they are standing behind the lamp - and its pretty easy. It can get boring...quickly.  Because before you even try they jump out at you and scream.

With the know who your looking for...that silly little kid who hides in the same place, over and over again.  Thrifting is like that.  You go to the same store looking for the same things, and you usually find some version of what your looking for, its not always very exciting.  It can get pretty mundane and put you in a rut.

Then when you play again...your kids shake it up a bit, and go to a new hiding spot...they try the closet, or under the bed.  Its fun, then quickly becomes routine again.  Then just when you think your going to fake surprise one more are surprised!  They aren't you look and look, not realizing they went back to the original spot deep inside the closet.  And then you find them, and its giggles and belly laughs.  Yea, I had that moment yesterday.  Went back to my original thrift store that I hadn't been too in about a year.  I used to go weekly when Matthew was a baby.  Then when Moo girl was a baby.  Then life got busy, and I stopped.  Forgot about this secret place, because it was a little out of the way.  Then yesterday, I remembered.  I've been wanting a dresser for Moo girl.  Currently we have my husbands dressers from when he was a kid.  Great blonde wooden sturdy dressers. They are in great shape, and look good.  But, these dressers, are running out of room.  Matthew is growing and his pants don't  fit so neatly in one drawer anymore, the kid needs space.  Maddie is slowly getting kicked out.

Not sure what compelled me to go to my old stomping ground, but I did.  And it was lovely!  I walked in, the lady greeted my like an old friend.  I walked to the back room...and there it was...I asked about it, I played with the drawers, I saw the Ethan Allen stamp, I needed this dresser.  It was perfect.

Then she said to me.."it has a top, we were going to throw it away" I almost swallowed my tongue.  She walked me out back, and my heart skipped a beat.  Why would you throw this away?  Then she showed me the why...someone used the very top as a plant holder.  Some water damage, but the thing is, no one can see it. Its only on the top, and it can easily be covered.

All this, for $40.  It was a good day of hide and seek!