How Confessions came about

I was in the nursing program, and for several reasons unable to continue on my journey this semester.  It broke my heart.  Nursing was going to be the game changer for my family. It didn't happen.  Maybe in the fall.  So until then, I needed something to do.  I read blogs, I love reading blogs.  I never  really felt that I could do it.  I am not poetic in any way shape or form.  I realized that the blogs I read, are about people who are writers, photographers, and farmers and have this rich exciting cultural experience or at least can make it sound exciting.  Me, not so much.  I can't make my mundane morning of rolling out of bed in just enough time to give my kids a bowl of cereal and get them to school with minutes to spare an exciting adventure.  I can't.  Its not me.  

So after viewing my friends start up blog, Learning Mandarin With My Daughter, and a good amount of pushing from my other friends blog freeplaylife!, I decided to make a change.  I needed something for me, instead of walking around aimlessly throughout my day waiting for the kids to come home to entertain me I thought "what do I love to do" I just happened to be at a resale store contemplating a dress for Maddie (Moo) and it hit me just like that stain on the bodice of the dress...I love this.  I get giddy over it.  When I find something that is Jacadi I get a bounce in my step...then drag my feet when I realize its either way too small or way too big for my kid...but its such a deal how do I pass it by?  So my dilemma, has started this blog.  Confessions of a Thrift Shop Mom, and a new thrift store...Finders Keepers.  I would love to have a brick and mortar store, but I may be getting ahead of myself with that one.  So here it all its second hand glory....I present to you Confessions of a Thrift Shop Mom. I will talk about my adventures in thrifting and yes, sometimes hoarding.  And will share with you my treasures...some of which I will post for sale.  And remember I want this to be interactive...I'm a stay at home mom, I don't get a lot of chit chat during the day and adult conversation is priceless too any suggestions, comments are always welcomed.  If you are looking for a hard to find size, or color, or something random it doesn't have to be clothes (I have a collection of purses that I can't wait to show off...and toys galore, that would be my hoarding issue) let me know.  

Remember this is a work in progress, and hopefully it will go along smoothly...but I'm sure some bumps will be hit along the way.

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Ginaj said...

Great Intro!

I look forward to reading more!