Saturday, November 17, 2012

'Tis The Season!

I know what you're thinking "ugh...its not even Thanksgiving yet!"...."I bet she says Happy Holidays too"...Well, guess what my cyber friends...I'm a bitter bitch at Thanksgiving time.  I need this holiday to pass...don't judge me yet, read first...or skip the next two paragraphs and read about our new Christmas tradition.

I am a very thankful person, and feel incredibly blessed.  But its difficult to feel thankful on a day you are obligated too, especially when its either the birthday or the death date of your first born. You see, I had a beautiful little boy named David, on Nov. 24, 2002.  I was suppose to take him home.  His room was ready, we were ready...but instead two days later, my little guy died.  For the past 10 years Thanksgiving has landed on Davids birthday, his death date, and in between.  It's a punch in the gut each and everytime.

This year, you would think I would be thankful that Thanksgiving is actually before my cryfest...nope, still sucks.  So when you see someone who isn't really jolly this holiday season, cut them some slack.  It ain't all rainbows and lollipops for everyone during this time.

So to help me keep my sanity during this bitter pill of a holiday I have devised a plan...A Christmas shopping spree for our first annual Chrismas tradition...Ugly Christmas sweaters and sweatshirts for all!

I do find that I prefer the Christmas sweatshirts, they have a certain elegance that the sweater just doesn't have.  Something about the elastic waist just makes me smile.  And if I don't think it has enough pizazz, I have a well stocked supply of fabric puff paint and glitter to make everyone jealous!  I also think a very lovely christmas tree, or reindeer turtleneck underneath will make an excellent addition to the ensemble.  OH! Don't forget the wreath brooch that lights up! 

The rest of my family is in on it too...siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews .  Oh, this is gonna be good.  Competition fierce.  But I promise you, God as my witness...I will prevail.  I have a whole list of thrift stores, that I will be canvasing...I will succeed in this mission. 

I have to admit, I've been stumped on men's sweaters.  Can't find one quite right.  But I will...and my husband will wear it.  I am not above withholding gifts to get what I want.  I may supply him with drinks before we get this party started just to make sure he will submit to my shenanigans. 

Another tradition that we are dabbling in this year, is the white elephant gift exchange. I've done this in the office, and everyone is so nice.  Lottery tickets, Fannie May melt-aways, pretty little, I want to be mean.  I want someone to unwrap this beauty and pretend to love it...
My family is a mixed about this. They want to go nice, but me...I'm going naughty.  I'm not afraid of coal in my stocking.  Well, maybe a little bit...I may find something more like these crafty kitties...

I'm positive Etsy will have a great selection, if not the overflowing chrismas selection at at my local second hand store will suffice.  It's gonna be good.  And I will take pictures.

 And yes, I do say Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings with a sprinkle of Merry Christmas. 
Because thats the all inclusive bitch I am.

Winter Greetings, Everyone!

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Laurie said...

Recently for an event at work my co-workers wore tacky Christmas sweaters. My fave was one with a tree on it that actually lit up :)