Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memories of Birthday Past

I'm gonna share a little personal information with you...but not TMI, so don't worry.  Growing up, we didn't celebrate birthdays for religious reasons.  Now, before you get all sad on me...I didn't really know what I was missing, so I wasn't ever too upset about the whole thing.  It was what it was.

Now, I celebrate birthdays.  Not so much mine, it just makes me uncomfortable.  Not saying I didn't try...but my first attempt was my 21st, and basically I messed that party up something awful, sent everyone to a hole in the wall bar, which was the wrong bar.  This was before people used cell phones, so yea, it was a giant mess.  I still had my tequila, but, a few people short.  So I kinda gave up on my own birthdays.

My kids...are an entirely different story.  Matthew's 1st birthday was months in the making.  This was all before Pinterest so really, I was roughing it with the ideas.  Thank goodness for good ol' Disney Family magazine, and Martha Stewart.

I planned a Safari themed birthday...I sent these oh so crafty invites to family, friends, you name it - if I knew you at one time in my life, you were celebrating my boys birthday!

I had several people error-check this invite before I sent it to a bazillion people...and no one caught the "oops" well, of course my smart assiest friend found the error..and loves to bring it to my attention every year during Matthew's birthday season...can you spot the error?  Well, his mother should have!

Martha Stewart...she helped...look at these awesome cakes!  I did good my friends, I did real good!

And since...Matthew's first birthday was a huge event, my girl had to have a huge first birthday event too.

Luau Time!
Oriental Trading was my friend, decorations, candy, goody bags, flip flop pinata...SO MUCH FUN!

Do you see that cake?!

That is one fabulous flip flop cake standing in graham cracker sand!  Yea, I did it, and yes, I am one PROUD Momma!

(Remember, when having the date on the picture was so cool?!  I HATE it now, why did I do that to so many pictures?!  Plus the wrong damn date to boot!)

And you know what - Martha Stewart can kiss my ever lovin' ass!  I'm sure some of you have seen those easy, and just so fabulous jello fishbowls, that Martha makes look so easy.

Do you see that look of disgust on that girls face?  I don't blame her...my fish looked bloated.  And those pretty little cupcakes with the strawberry on them?  Thankfully, no one cracked a tooth on them.  Thanks Martha.

But I did have that fabulous flip flop cake that saved the day! Damn, I loved that thing!

I'm bringing up such fond memories because its that time of year again.  My big guy is turning 8, and my little lady is turning 6.  The parties have calmed down some.  Well, a little bit.  Not really.  I try not to make a big deal out of them, then before I know it...well, I make it a big deal.  I can't help it.  I am so blessed to have these kids in my life, and that they are happy, healthy, and I get to hug them everyday.  I want to celebrate it!  I want it perfect...bloated fish and all!


Amy - while wearing heels said...

Loved this post, all of it, bloated fish and all. Darn Martha, she makes everything look too perfect. What great birthday celebrations to look back on and plan on in the future. My guess, you were missing a teeny, tiny 'm'.

Finders Keepers said...

hehe...nope! Take another look...oh, believe me it took a couple times for me to notice but once I was called out on it it was so OBVIOUS! Unless of course you spell Matthew differently? LOL