Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thrifty Thursday...Quirky Shirt Edition

What can I say,  I'm addicted.  But then you should know that by now.  Just happened to be in the vicinity of a Goodwill Store yesterday...had to go take a look around.

Nothing really catching my eye...I needed a good chuckle, so I went to the T-Shirt aisle...never fails!

I could almost see me wearing this...but honestly, it would only cover one of my stayed on the hanger.  Plus, I think my shirt should say something like "these give me a back ache"  They're not really trouble makers anymore.

I remember when this saying was popular...back in 1999...not so much anymore.  Think it would scream "I bought this at good will"  so, another shirt to stay on the hanger - But the message is still a strong and relevant message, even in 2012.

But I couldn't go home empty handed.  I grew up in the 80's...and I love me some CHEERS!  The shirt dates me...but thats ok.  It is so worth it!


You're welcome - I know you'll be singing this song for the rest of the day!

Wanted to add a link to Library adventures...she does a lot of thrift store and vintage finds...she has some really nice stuff.  I link to her page, so I want to give her a shout out!
Also...Apron Thrift Girl


Danavee said...

I love finding vintage t-shirts! Ohhh Cheers.

Laurie said...

Haha, yes very relevant. I think that is pretty much my husbands motto...sad as it is. :)