Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Easy Peasy

I would like to thank Pinterest for this Easy Peasy Summertime treat.  I have two birthday children in June, and I was getting really tired of cake, so I wanted something simple...and this was it!  We made these delicious marshmallow treats for moo girls summer camp class.

Get yourself some marshmallows...any size will do - but the Jumbo ones are really fun!  

Melt some chocolate, and dip those babies in it!  

Then have the kids decorate with sprinkles...SO MUCH FUN!  So much mess too - but completely worth it!  

At the time all I had was straws for sticks...and it worked.   

Kid approved!!!

For my next batch I made smores - I liked these the best!  Make sure you wait for the chocolate to harden.  I liked them better the next day after the marshmallow toughened up a bit.


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Amy - while wearing heels said...

It's like fondue for kids...I love it. What a great and creative alternative to cake. I can see why it is kid approved :)