Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creepy Doll Saga...

I was nervous about putting Moo girl in the van, not because of boxes crashing all around her if I came to a sudden stop, but more because she would see that I have boxes of her stuff, and her vanity going to the consignment sale.  I got a little nervous when she said "mom, is that my baby's beauty desk?"   I sweetly say, "Why yes, it is my love!  We are going to go ahead and sell it, because mommy has a really nice vanity for you when we move and you get your own room".  This seems to hush her.  So I'm good.  Then after a bit of a pause..."mom, you know the two dolls in my room?  You can get rid of those too."  I don't know how to respond.  I LOVE those creepy nightmare dolls! She proceeds with saying "They kind of scare me at night, they look real.  But before you give them away, make sure you get my clothes back"

How can these two lovelies scare you?  How can these give her nightmares?  Yea, I know.  Very easily they are creepy as all hell.  Especially that gleaming green eyed one.  What was I smoking when I got these?

The thing is, I'm not getting rid of them.  They are to stay in our family and send chills down the spine of future generations.  Every household needs a crazy artifact...and these two are ours.  I know the grandkids will be disappointed when they survive childhood with them only to find out they aint' gettin' nothing for them on Antiques Roadshow, and they will be paying for therapy with their own money.

So, I shuffle them off to my room, hearing Moo girl say "good, maybe now I can sleep at night".

I prop them up in the corner, then quickly realize the closet would be better.

They scare me more in the closet, so off to the basement they go!  They can play among their friends, and be happy, creepy dolls.

Look!  Green eyes can finally sleep.  This may make her less incline to creep into my room tonight.  But, I'm a little nervous about Blondie.  She's got to be tired too.  It has been 2 years of standing.  So, Moo Girl found her a rocking chair, and a baby to hold, so she can be warm.  And tomorrow, we will have to make her a bed that fits her, by request of Moo.  She's such a good dolly momma.  But then again, she may just be nervous too.  We must keep the dolls happy!

So we find Blondie a wig, and then a hat...ummm...Blondie does not look amused.  Think I'll go make sure she has her favorite pink hat on before I turn out my lights.

Sweet Dreams Everyone!!


Sharon said...

Yep, you've got to keep those creepy dolls happy, just in case. (blondie looking at me from behind the closet door is almost too much. that's definitely a "i know where you keep the knives" look.)

Crystal said...

Oh my gosh these pics are hilarious. Especially love the creepy stare from the crack in the door. Thanks for that!

ps. I left you a little present over at my blog :)