Sunday, April 29, 2012

dehoardifying part 3: I did it for the mug

Well, sorta.  Actually no.  I didn't even know I was going to get a coffee mug!  I guess if you volunteered for two shifts, you got a free coffee mug, how nice is that!  This will be put to lots of use, thank you very much Kids Closet!

I actually did it to dehoardify.  I dropped off 10 boxes, and got back only 4, so I did just that!  I was pleasantly surprised with the amount I made this spring, the most ever!  So again, thank you very much!

I got the opportunity to volunteer on the last day, when people were picking up, so glad I did.  First, because I forgot I got a $10 coupon for that day, so big shout out to Michelle for reminding me.  I didn't think I'd find much on the last day, but pleasantly surprised I found a gymnastics T-shirt!  I love my graphic tees!  Also got a couple of other shirts, leotard, and 2 dresses.  Very happy.

I'm doing this backwards, but its late...and I'm scattered brain...So, in the beginning...I volunteered during the pre-sale, this way I got first look at the items.  I do pay full price, but its worth it especially for the hard to find boy size 8.  I found five pairs of shorts, and a shirt.  Thank goodness!  Because that boy of mine, has no idea when shorts are too small on him...and nothing makes me cringe more than when he sneaks outside in a pair of shorts that hug his butt way too much.  So thank you lady who brought the size 8 shorts, you have saved me a lot of embarrassment (just me, cause my son could care less)!

Now onto the toys!

 I questioned both of these purchases.  $6 for wedgits, which I hemmed, and hawed about thinking they were too young for Moo girl.  So glad I bought them - she's been playing with them ever since!  The $4 bag of legos.  The legos I struggled with...picked up, put down, then said screw it, its only $4 and bought them.  So glad I did!  The treasures that we found in that bag!

On the second day I volunteered again, this time...I went to the vendors.  So happy I did!  I hate paying shipping when all I want is a $5 item from Pampered Chef.  I've been dying for these bamboo toaster tongs FOREVER!  The dog ate them awhile back, and I've been mourning their loss ever since.  Kids used them, I used them...ugh.  Damn Dog.  Well, guess who had them in stock?!  My new favorite Pampered Chef Lady.  They also have the best paring knives ever!

Talked to some very nice ladies, and also got a sample of a candle.  Excited about the candle, and as soon as I try it out I will let you know all about it.  Its for my crafting projects...if you go back to The Good The Bad and The Ugly post, it will show you how I use my candles for crafting, but I can only use soy because of the soot. This candle may work instead...I'll let  you know.

Overall I'm a happy camper.  I think most people were very happy.  I talked to some new consignors, and you have to remember its a learning experience.  Pricing things fairly for both the shopper, and yourself is  always difficult.  I know I gave some stuff away, that I could have made a couple of more dollars on...but at least its out of my house.  I also know that I forgot at least two items - but you know what, they got donated to a good cause at the end of the day.  So its all good.

I'm already looking forward to getting rid of all my fall stuff since my Moo girl has finally out grown her three's!  I will have another 10 boxes I'm sure!

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