Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

Last night me and hubby were driving down a street when I saw a new thrift store.  I was so excited...couldn't wait to check it out today.  It wasn't really a thrift store.  It was more of a resale, vintage, retro, whatever I can call it to make it cost more kind of place.  Its the thrift store that people go to because they don't want to go to the poor peoples one down the street.  So they go there to spend 3x as much for an item so they don't have to rub elbows with the rest of us.

Do I sound hostile?  That's because I am.  I walked in because I saw this pretty pink velvet Bombay chaise lounge chair.

So cute!  I was contemplating getting it...$140.  Little steeper than I wanted to go.  But it was THAT CUTE!   So I walked and thought...

They did have some very nice furniture, some fairly priced, some overpriced.  Nothing I would consider a screaming deal.  I did find a really funny cat saying, that I wasn't going to spend $10 on...but it was worth a picture.  Overall the store was clean, neat and decorated nicely to sell things.  I'll go back in the future.

But my mind kept going  back to that pink velvet chair sitting so daintily in the I go back to it.  I over hear this loud women, you really couldn't NOT hear her, saying " I can picture myself with TWINS sitting on that chair!"  "I'm just NOT SURE" walking around making a HUGE production of her wishy washiness.  So I chirp in and ask something...this witch interrupts and says "I'LL TAKE IT!  I'M GOING TO LOOK AROUND, I'LL PAY LATER" and walks off.

WTF just happened?  She didn't want the chair until I opened my mouth.  So after a few minutes of her browsing...I told them if she doesn't buy it, I'm interested.  Of course she forgot her wallet in her HUMMER.  Fits her personality.  Then she struts back in barking about how she has a store too.  I walked out.

Annoyed.  Very annoyed.  I get the finders keepers, thing...really!  She was just so rude about it.  She made a big show about being iffy, but the moment someone else showed interest, she waved her arms and announced it was hers.  UGH!

So I went to the poor mans thrift store and guess I what I found?

My next craft project!  Very excited, and only $10.  So, I think I'll be ok without spending the $140, I know my hubby will be happy too.


Ginaj said...

This made me laugh! I'm glad you found the other chair. It looks like a great project. The pink one was very pretty though.

I just stumbled upon your blog this week (I don't remember how though, sorry) I love it :o)


Laurie said...

Yeesh. Some people. Can't wait to see how it turns out!