Friday, March 9, 2012

Confession time...

I shop thrift stores.  Not a little, a lot...not because I have no choice, but because I want to and I love it!  When I was growing up there was stigma to second hand stores.  You only went if you were poor.  No one I knew would be caught dead in one.  Well, when I turned 18 and started to have to pay for my own items, those thoughts changed.  I first started going with my sister we would travel an hour away to our favorite resale shop(2 hours for me, an hour to her place first).  Soon, I moved out of state and I stopped going to thrift stores.  Didn't really need them so much.  Then came kids.  I wanted to be a stay at home mom, and on one salary that can be tricky.  So, I started doing it again.  There are so many reasons to go thrifting.  The economic reasons are a great excuse.  The environmental reasons are great too.  Why buy a new widget when there is a perfectly good one waiting to be recycled?  Personally, I like the thrill...I know that sounds silly.  But really when your walking around a store, and you see this bin of stuffed animals and you think "no way" you pass by it several times, and finally you just look down...and what do you see?!
Yes, that's American Girl doll Kit Mini! Seriously my heart skipped a beat!  I was so excited...when I went to check out, I couldn't help but tell the cashier how happy I was.  She looked at me like I was nuts.  Which I guess I am, but still - I needed to share my find!  I tell hubby, he looks at me grins says "that's nice" and moves on.  I want to share my finds.  Sometimes I have great days like today.  Sometimes I have no luck.
It is true someones junk is an others treasure.
Like this do you pass up a David Bowie T-shirt?  Its the Labyrinth for Pete's Sake!!!, I'll never be able to wear it the sizing is way too small for me... that's why I also have created a Finders Keepers Store.  I find some fabulous things, and I would love to help you find some fabulous things.  Today I found 2 banana republic shirts, a beautiful IPSA skirt, some great summer dresses for the girls and not only the mini Kit doll, but also a size 8 American Girl Dress.  I am currently working on my store, and I will link the store with prices and pictures.  I just need a little time. I plan on having a variety of items, currently it will be a lot of girl items, because that is what I have, but I would love any suggestions of what you need and want...I would love to help you find stuff too!

My other also to have my love of Pinterest to come alive.  I want to do a project a week that I find and see if I can make it.  Because I can pin all I want, but if I don't commit to making it...whats the point?  My first Daddy Daughter Dance shoes.  I did this last year for my Moo girl, and this year looks like I will be doing it again.

I found these beauties...didn't look so pretty in the store, kinda grubby, and missing a strap.  But I have some ideas floating around in my head to make these perfect for the dance.  Can't wait to begin, and then to show off the final product!

This blog is a work in process.  So please join me in the fun, I take suggestions and will answer any questions you may have in regards to thrifting, and crafting.  I have a lot planned.  Giving tips on how to thrift, weekly show-offs and whatever other ideas we can come up with.

Thanks again for playing along.

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ME2 said...

Sounds fun! I look forward to reading more and sharing some of our finds, too!