Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Dirty Little Secret

Yes, thrifting can be dirty, and it can also be a secret.

Thrift stores had so much stigma when I was young, even when I became didn't talk about it.  When Moo would wear the cutest outfit and I would get asked where did you get it?  If I didn't really know the person, I would say "hmmmm...I forgot?!" Knowing that I got it at that dirty little store from the questionable side of town.  You know the place that reeks of cigarette smoke from the lady sneaking a smoke in the back room.  Its cramped and dark.  Only cash.  And some things I wouldn't even touch. But in the middle of it I would find a snazzy little jean jacket by Guess.  A must have for my fashion forward toddler.  So I would do my shopping, go home with the bag tied shut, dump it in the washer with fabric softener...and BAM!  Out would come a perfect non-stinking jean jacket, that other moms would envy...bwahahaha.  Yes, I can be that devious with my finds.

I think my best find there was my yellow 2 qt cast iron Le Creuset pot.  Paid $4.99, William and Sonoma sale price, $165. I love that thing, use it almost every single day.  The perfect pot.  Other thrifters act as if that kind of find happens all the doesn't.  I have crept into that store, and have crept out empty handed.  Too many times to count.  But I keep going back..why...because Le Creuset tells me too.


The Thrifty Picker - Rachael said...

Nice Creuset! I found a Creuset grill pan at a yard sale for $1 and plan on reselling it. It is still sitting there because I haven't figured out to clean up the enamel on the did you clean yours?

Finders Keepers said...

I really got lucky with that wasn't really dirty, just a small chip on the lid. How bad is the enamel? Have you tried maybe a Mr. Clean eraser sponge? That may work. Do you think someone put it in the dishwasher? ugh...that makes pots and pans look awful! They still work...just don't look so pretty.