Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hit and misses...

Today Moo girl had a birthday party to attend, so with the extra time I was going to run some errands.  I really didn't feel like thrifting today, but I thought, go ahead and do it.  Blogging is my new gig, and I needed to venture out and find some new stores.  I typically don't shop out of my comfort zone.  I know my local haunts, and I like them.   I did some quick research and came up with 2 thrift stores that were about 20 minutes away.  Further than I wanted to drive for unknown stores, but I needed to take the chance.

So off I went, first to Deja Vu Rack.  It was listed under thrift shop, but I had a feeling it would be a consignment shop, and I was right.  A little disappointed in that fact.  Don't get me wrong, I think consignment has a purpose.  I used to do it for my kids clothes all the time.  Its moms helping moms.  Its all good.  But the thing about women's consignment stores is that it can be expensive.  Typically they are clean, organized and have higher quality clothes.  Which is good.  But since knowing particular brands is their business, they price them accordingly.  You pay for the easier shopping.  At a normal thrift store, they may know the well-known quality brands, but they do not know the boutique high quality brands.

For instance, Jacadi.  To find this in a thrift store it can cost you as little as $3, but find it at a children's consignment store and its going to cost you $15 +.  

This Banana Republic shirt, paid under $5. At a woman's consignment store, they would want $15+.

I thrift for the thrill of the find, for the minimum price.  So I don't find consignment shopping very fun.  Its a personal preference. 

I will say, that this particular woman's consignment shop was designed very well.  I felt like I walked into a boutique.  They had some lovely cocktail dress, jewelry, shoes and purses.  If I wanted a dress for an evening out, or my daughter needed a dress for prom I would highly recommend this shop...but for your everyday clothes.  No.   I have no fancy evening out I left empty handed.

I then traveled down the road to this one.  I was a little taken back since it was called Garden Center Services, and  I saw a lot of planters in the window.  I decided I traveled all this way, I might as well go in.  It looked small, with lots of knick knacks.  I was again disappointed, and felt like this day was a bust.  I glanced down, and I found a wooden Macanudo cigar box, only fifty cents.  So I picked up and kept walking.  Then, I was surprised to see this HUGE room with rows of shoes and clothes.  I glanced quickly over the shoes, and onto the purses.  Something about second hand purses.  I seem to have the best luck finding some real gems.  But, nothing here.  I was losing my mojo.  Kid clothes didn't look all that great either.  But my eyes did land on this...

Its a Guess summer black/white polka dot shirt.  I couldn't get the best photo...but trust me when I say its really cute.  If any of you are familiar with the pillow case dresses for little girls...this top is similar to that.  So you can adjust the neckline to what ever you are comfortable with.  Unfortunately this shirt will not fit me, but I really liked it, and I have someone else in mind for it.  I glanced around a little more, but nothing really interested me too much.  So off I went.

When I turned the corner, I saw this little store... did a u-turn and parked it.  It looked promising from the outside, but not so much once I was inside.  The store couldn't figure out if it wanted to be vintage or thrift.  They had some really nice vintage china, and knick knacks.  But then some odd looking costume jewelry, and some new reseller junk.  Which was a shame.

Today wasn't a complete bust.  I did get that awesome Guess shirt. I did get on an email list to the Garden Center Thrift store so I can get updates on new furniture and sales.  I don't see myself going back to any of these stores soon, unless, of course, I get a hot date then I may go back to Deja Vu.

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