Sunday, March 25, 2012

These shoes were NOT made for walkin'

I get this thought in my head...and I don't let it go.  Any other sane mother would have given up on those pink shoes.  They would have went and bought a pretty pair that fit their daughter correctly.  But I'm not sane.  I'm crafty.

Those damn shoes were going to work. I made them pretty, but unfortunately I couldn't make maddie's feet grow.  So, I go and buy a bunch of stuff to make these shoes work...sure steps so she doesn't slip on her butt, foam padding for the inside of her shoe, along with a lot of fleece in the toe bed...

After all this...the shoes were still flipping off her foot.  UGH!  I stared at these shoes, I had to walk away from these shoes...and instead of hurling them through my living room, I realize, its the ankle strap!  As beautiful as that string of pearls gives no anchorage for the shoe.    This causes another dilemma...what the hell do I do now?!?!  I again stare at these crafty little shoes that I'm starting to hate...and it hits me...ELASTIC!  This was no easy feat...I decide to make a satin covering for the elastic, then I have to thread it through the little back strap and then sew the elastic and covering together while connected to the shoe.  I someone how managed this...and got these little pretties...

I high-fived myself and went the headband

After an hour of twirling this satin to look just so...its done!  Looks pretty doesn't it?

One problem...
It looks like a cupcake on her head!

No problem!  Remember these beauties?  One of them is now a headband, and I made miniature ones for earrings to complete her ensemble.  Its all good.

Now all we have to do is wait...and wait...poor Maddie was just beside herself...she wants to go!

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